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It seems today that the world has lost interest in quality, preferring to save every cent they can and settling with inferior products.  While this is becoming more and common amongst all industries, the shutter business has seen it perhaps worst than any other.  While the industry once prided itself upon quality craftsmanship, trends have moved toward using cheaper materials in order to drive pricing down.  The plantation shutter has all but replaced louvered shutters, and quality hardwood has been replaced by cheap plastics and vinyls.  At Colorado Shutters, we believe in educating our customers about shutter quality, and why choosing the most affordable option is rarely a good idea.

The most commonly sold shutter on the market today is the vinyl shutter.  Vinyl is inexpensive to produce, does the trick for the time being and can be produced quickly and in mass quantities.  It is also virtually waterproof, which many people find attractive.  The fact is, however, vinyl simply does not compare to wood.  Unlike wood shutters, vinyl is hollow, a characteristic that can have a detrimental effect on energy efficiency.  Vinyl also cannot be stained, is available in limited colors and is usually unavailable in traditional sizes.

At Colorado Shutters, we believe in quality and continue to produce some of the best hardwood, basswood and poly window shutters on the market.  Our customers can rest easy knowing that they’re doing the right thing for their home by avoiding low quality, mass produced products and embracing the furniture-quality shutters that we offer.  After all, shouldn’t your shutters match the rest of your home in terms of quality?

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Wood Colorado Classic Stain Shutters
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Wood Colorado Classic Paint Shutters
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