Wood Shutters Make A Statement

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Wood Shutters Make A Statement

The windows to your home should reflect your personality and style. Solid wood shutters are available in a wide variety of styles and materials, and will make any home they adorn stand out. Besides lowering the cost of heating and cooling your home, wooden shutters also protect your draperies, furniture, and carpet from sun damage.

Being exposed to the sun can damage curtains and other cloths. Bright colors and dark colors may fade or streak; eventually, even dry rot may set in on draperies. Leather furniture can also be damaged by the sunĀ“s rays.

Historically, homes had shutters for protection from the sun as well as the elements. Most styles of exterior shutters afford homeowners good protection against various weather conditions. Custom wood shutters also protect against winds, snow, and hail. During the summer, close the Window shutters on the windows where the rising or setting sun shines in. In winter, close the shutters that might be exposed to the north wind, or when a storm is coming.

To cool your home in an environmentally way, consider louvered shutters. Louvered wood shutters have several slats laid across the frames, with small gaps between them. Closing them allows you to air out your home without letting in too much heat or sun.

Wood Shutters Are Durable

Look for a company that produces timeless and durable premium-quality exterior shutters. Unfinished wood shutters can be made to suit the tastes and needs of homeowners. Because the wood used to construct exterior shutters is durable yet soft, the pieces can be carved into many different shapes and sizes.

Different woods are suited to different climates. Look for custom wood shutters made with top quality, FAS premium-grade hard woods. Choose from poplar wood, teak wood, mahogany wood, cherry wood, cedar wood, maple wood, and oak wood. Spanish Cedar is a hardwood that is dimensionally stable and has lots of natural resistance to moisture, decay, fungus and insects.

Custom shutters made from whole-cut solid wood will be less prone to problems like cracks, low-quality joins, thin filler wood, or other inferior milling techniques that can cause shutters to leak warm air in the winter or cool air in the summer. When wood shutters are made from one solid piece of wood, they are stronger and more energy efficient.

Customizing Wood Shutters

Get the exact shutters that you want by choosing from custom mouldings, carvings, hardware, and more. Get great-looking wood shutters by having them painted in a color that pops! Alternatively, you can keep unfinished wood shutters for a rugged look.

Homeowners who want to add highly functional and versatile accents to their living spaces should also consider wood shutters. Constructed of durable materials, engineered to withstand weather, and customized to suit a range of tastes, custom wood shutters are pleasing additions to countless styles of architecture. Even an interior shutter will make a room more exciting.

Historic panel shutters suit the Queen Anne-style, ornate houses of San Francisco as well as the stately Tudor apartment homes of Pittsburgh. In addition, custom wood shutters inspired by American frontier styles are often seen on concrete homes, and add country charm to expansive ranch homes.

Other wood shutter styles can be used to enhance the architectural lines of a home. Large homes with many windows look fantastic when each window is framed by indoor wood shutters. Meanwhile, tall, slender buildings achieve pleasing proportional balance with the addition of Bahama shutters that jut out in salute from the windows.

In addition, you have the option to customize your exterior shutters to fit your windows seamlessly for optimal energy efficiency. This will help you save on heating and cooling costs.

Unfinished wood shutters can be constructed with operable louvers or fixed louvers in a variety of configurations, and can be crafted from various species of wood, including poplar, cherry, maple, cedar, mahogany, oak, and teak.

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